Member Profile Graeme Watson

Beyond the Stove

Your Name: Graeme Watson

MCGB Member Since: 1995

Current Role and Location:
I am Operations Director for Wilson Vale – a privately owned contract catering company dealing with high end B&I, Conference Centre’s and Private Schools throughout the UK.
I also own and run my own small catering consultancy business.

Career Highlights:
Starting my career at The Savoy in 1983 under Anton Edelmann – and staying there for 3 years!
Running the fine dining room at the Westin Hotel in Seattle at the age of 23.
Owning my own restaurant for 9 years, and the accolades we won in that time.

Favourite dish on your menu at the moment:
Given my current role I don’t have a menu as such, but seasonality is king for me, so as I am writing in Spring it’s about to be Jersey Royals with Asparagus and Poached Duck Egg.
A simple combination of delicious flavours and Mother Nature has done all the work!

Beyond the stove, what do you do to relax:
Walking in the countryside with my dog and watching rugby (Scotland and Leicester Tigers).
I also enjoy politics, but not sure that is relaxing….

Favourite Film:
Picking just one is hard, but it would have to be The Shawshank Redemption.

Favourite music album:
(Whats the Story) Morning Glory by Oasis
Favourite Holiday destination:
Japan – a mesmerising country in every way possible. I was lucky enough to go for the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and took my Dad for his 90th Birthday. An experience and privilege that will live with me forever.
(Islay would be a close second where my mother grew up)
Favourite Hotel:
The Port Charlotte Hotel, Port Charlotte, Islay.
Not because the hotel is great (sadly it really isn’t) but for many years of happy family memories there – and a good few wee drams into the bargain.
Favourite Restaurant:
Balthazar in New York, as it was in 2010 when I last went.
Quality food, great service and very big numbers – as a chef & restaurateur it was very impressive at the time.

Last Supper Dishes:

Starter: A platter of great Scottish Seafood
Main: Traditional Authentic Neopolitan Pizza Margarita
Dessert: An Artisan cheeseboard with accompaniments and a vintage Port.

Guest List:
Nelson Mandela – (if he were still alive) what a glowing example of humanity
Jacinda Ardern – a modern political leader who seems to be properly in touch with the public
Bruce Springsteen – need some music and he is the Boss
Andy Murray – Scotlands greatest sportsman in my view and much funnier than people expect