MCGB Membership

MCGB Membership

The Master Chef of Great Britain was formed in 1980 to provide a forum for the exchange of culinary ideas and to further the profession through training and guidance to young chefs.

The Master Chefs of Great Britain seeks to promote all that is best about British cuisine and produce available in this country to both the chef and the consumer. The MCGB supports the campaign for healthy eating by encouraging the use of fresh, quality produce in kitchens around the country. Its members are particularly interested in sourcing local ingredients and in supporting small producers. The association and individual members provide demonstrations at both trade and retail shows and many offer cookery courses at their restaurants. All these activities are reported in our newsletters.

Membership Categories

Fellow/Full Member

Open to working chefs, lecturers and industry professionals who can demonstrate that they are at the top of their profession by their wide experience and by having gained industry recognition or the recognition of their peers over a considerable number of years.

  • Pastry Chefs are given the designation (P)
  • Lecturers are given the designation (L)
  • Industry Professionals are given the designation (I)

Joining fee £75 Annual Membership dues £95 (VAT exempt)

All other levels of membership carry VAT @ 20%

Associate Membership

Entry level for any chef, lecturer or industry professional who aspires to be a Full Member of The Master Chefs of Great Britain. Associate members may apply to become Full Members as and when the feel they meet the criteria.

Annual Membership dues £84 (Including VAT)

Junior Membership

Open to chefs who have been awarded the MCGB Intermediate or Advanced Training Diploma or who enter the MCGB competitions and valid for a maximum period of five years.

Free of charge

The Membership

The Master Chefs of Great Britain is an association made up of professional chefs who can be said to be amongst the leaders in their chosen field be it hotels and restaurants; pastry; cost sector catering; education or research and development.

Membership is by invitation or by personal application. In the later case, each application is forwarded to the Membership Secretary who calls upon the knowledge of Master Chefs within the area and, in most instances, arranges for a personal visit.

Those who accepted into the association as Fellows of the MCGB, Full Members or Associate Members are expected:

  • to serve the cullinary art by expanding its influence and providing for its future
  • to have shown a high level of technical expertise and culinary art
  • to use the finest products in producing their dishes
  • to ensure that their kitchens are clean, pleasant, functional and observes the principles of hygiene
  • to assist in the training of their staff and development as chefs
  • to act as an ambassador for the association

The title Master Chef of Great Britain carries with it a moral responsibility to the industry and may only be used by Full Members of The Master Chefs of Great Britain.

Membership Benefits

Membership Certificates and MCGB lapel badges are issued to all those accepted into The Master Chefs of Great Britain.

Full Members receive a MCGB chefs’ jacket on joining.

MCGB plaques are issued for the following categories:

  • Fellowship
  • Full

All members are encouraged to:

  • participate in conferences, events and trips organized by the MCGB or its sponsors
  • provide editorial copy and information for publication in the official magazine, printed newsletters and email newsletter
  • advertise at preferential rates
  • provide a listing for the magazine and website with links
  • enter members of their brigade, college or workplace for MCGB run or sponsored competitions
  • put forward members of their brigade, college or workplace for the MCGB Intermediate and Advanced Training Diploma
  • apply for tickets for the annual lunch

The activities of The Master Chefs of Great Britain are designed to provide promotional opportunities for both the chef and the establishments they work for and to Corporate Members through press releases, demonstrations at shows, recipe development, product testing and other food related activities.

Types of Membership:

  • Full Members*
  • Associate
  • Junior Membership

* when the MCGB was set up, it was agreed by the Inland Revenue that Full Membership dues, as a professional membership, would have a VAT exemption.

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