The Young Pastry Chef 2020

On Tuesday 3rd March they will be competing in 3 locations across the Great Britain

Many thanks to

  • City College Glasgow
  • The Sheffield College
  • Town and Country

The Challenge .... to reach the final on the 7th April - Claire Clark - Mk College …..

Gateau MacMahon from  The Professional Patisserie c/o written by Judge Mick Burke

and each semi finalist will be presented with a copy by Thomas Stottor from Hodder Education

Professional Patisserie from Hodder Education

Semi Finalists 2020

City of Glasgow College
Abigail Bond - Old Course St. Andrews
Robbie John Gray Maitland - City of Glasgow College
Ruth Dowie - Ayrshire College
Victoria Hollingsworth - The Gleneagles Hotel

The Sheffield College
Adam Gough - Hopwood College
Chloe Hammond - Claire Clarke Academy - MK College
Fern Donovan - Infusions Group
Lourdes Callum Shaw- Kings College
Holly Jackson - Hopwood College

Town and Country
Caitlin Kemp-Powell - Farnborough College
Emily Steen - St. David's Hotel
Mark Barnes - Grand Hotel Eastbourne